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Your child’s first Communion is an incredibly special event – it is the day their soul becomes the bride of Christ. To signify this newly established connection, it is traditional for young ladies to wear white and young gentlemen to wear formal suits.<br /><br />We want to help you celebrate this amazing event in style, which is why we sell an incredible selection of age-appropriate Communion dresses! Our modest dresses come in a range of sizes and styles so we are sure to be an option that suits your darling girl!

In Mexican culture, quinceanera’s are meant to acknowledge a girl’s passage into womanhood. There are many specific details involved in these celebrations, including a mass and an elaborate party. Like many other special events, a beautiful dress is also central to the celebration!<br /><br />We celebrate traditions at our boutique and quinceaneras are no different! We sell a wonderful selection of quinceanera dresses, which are known for their incredible volume and flair. No matter what color scheme you choose for your event, we are sure to have a dress to match. If you want to find the perfect fit and style, our staff would love to help you!